Ballet Class is an APP able to undertake the pianists job by playing music for a classical ballet class.

It does what up till now was done with a CD and it offers many more possibilities.

With Ballet Class it is possible to speed up or to slow down the music, in real time, while it is playing without having to stop it and without altering the sound frequency.

You may choose the length of each tune by deciding of how many bars it will have to be structured, in this way the music will adapt itself to the exercise and not viceversa.

This is what usually happens in a studio when a pianist plays for class. Impossible to achieve until today by simply using a CD or an MP3 player!

The APP is user-friendly: starting from the first screen in which you find the TUNE LIST with the tunes ordered according to the traditional sequence of exercises which usually structure a classical ballet class, the APP will guide you easily to the creation of personalized tunes and to their collection in PLAYLISTS.

Can I upload my own itunes music on Ballet Class?

No, your itunes music may not be uploaded on Ballet Class. Ballet Class can play only the music which has been specifically written for the program.

During the lesson I’ve received a telephone call which has interrupted the music. How can I avoid it?

It is important to set the Iphone on the airplane mode in order to avoid possible interferences.

How many playlists may I create?

How many you wish.

Once I’ve saved a tune where do I find it?

In the tunes playlist immediatly underneath the tune which has been changed. For example: let’s choose the tune “Fondu C”, from the control panel we will slow down the speed and we will increase the length from 32 to 64 bars, then we’ll save it and call it “slow fondu long version”; then we go back to the playlist and we’ll find it exactly under the original tune “Fondu C”.

What does “insert port de bras” mean?

In all classes at the bar at the end of many exercises (after a ‘rond de jambe’ or a ‘fondu’ for example) teachers often use some extra music in order to perform ‘port de bras’, balancing or stretching. Thus we’ve decided to insert this option. The music for the ‘port de bras’ is played slightly slower than the rest of the melody.

Why isn’t the ‘port de bras’ option always selectable?

Because not all the bar exercises need ‘port de bras’ balancing or stretching.

Why don’t I see the active airplay icon?

Airplay will activate itself automatically when a compatible air play receiver is at hand and when the wifi mode of your iphone is on.

idea and project

Andrea Piermattei


Marcelo Pablo Spaccarotella

Fabio Ghidotti

Albi Goodman